Full-Mouth Restoration

Full Mouth Rehab Questionnaire

What is a full mouth rehabilitation?

Full Mouth Rehabilitation is restoration of the severely worn out dentition.

Evaluation and diagnosis should account for the patient’s diet, history of eating and/or gastric disorders such as acid reflux, along with the present state of the occlusion. Behavioral factors that may contribute to parafunctional habits and/or nocturnal bruxism like grinding are also important to understand and manage in order to successfully restore and maintain a healthier dentition.

Severe or excessive wear refers to tooth destruction that requires restorative intervention. Severe attritional wear can result from occlusal prematurities that prevent functional or parafunctional movements of the jaw.

Restoration of the worn anterior teeth then becomes a challenge as space availability for prosthetics becomes limited. In most cases, clinicians look to alter vertical dimension for one or all of the following reasons: to gain space for the restoration of the teeth; to improve aesthetics; or to correct occlusal relationships between both upper and lower jaws.

Case 1:

Severe wear of upper teeth leading to Infection, Root canal and extreme sensitivity

After covering all teeth with porcelain crowns for protection, to prevent further wear and to restore the lost space between the teeth

Full Mouth Restoration #1 Full Mouth Restoration #2

Case 2:

Full Mouth Restoration #3 Full Mouth Restoration #4

Case 3:

Full Mouth Restoration #5