Dental Aligners

Aligners Screening Questionnaire

Dental aligners are a modern and popular orthodontic treatment option designed to straighten teeth and correct misalignments discreetly and comfortably. These custom-made, clear, plastic trays are nearly invisible when worn, making them an aesthetically appealing alternative to traditional metal braces. Dental aligners work by applying gentle and gradual pressure to shift teeth into their desired positions over time. They are removable, allowing for easy cleaning and eating without dietary restrictions, a significant advantage over braces. Treatment with dental aligners typically involves a series of trays that the patient progresses through, with each tray designed to make incremental adjustments to the teeth. This innovative orthodontic solution has gained widespread acceptance among individuals seeking a convenient and less noticeable way to achieve a straighter, more aligned smile.

Case 1: Severe crowding

Dental Aligners #1 in Princeton, NJ

Case 2: Spacing

Dental Aligners #2 in Princeton, NJ

Case 3:

Dental Aligners #3 in Princeton, NJ