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What is guided implant surgery?

Guided dental implant surgery is when the dentist utilizes advanced machinery and imaging technology to “guide” or aid them to manufacture and place dental implants more efficiently, precisely and accurately. CBCT scanning and digital intraoral impressions are used to generate a virtual representation of the patient’s jaw and oral anatomy. This is utilized to develop a digital treatment plan in which the exact position of the implant is determined in advance of treatment. A surgical guide is fabricated that controls the osteotomy in precise accordance with the preplanned implant position. The depth, angulation, and mesial-distal and buccal-lingual location of the implant osteotomy are precisely controlled by titanium sleeves situated within the surgical guide.

How is it done?

The general process of guided implant surgery is as follows: A CT scan of the patient is taken and the dentist and his or her assistant come up with an individualized surgery treatment plan unique to that patient. The dentist then utilized advanced computer technology to place the implant.

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