3D Cone Beam

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)

We are proud to serve out patients with CBCT in our office - the latest in dental technology.

What will it do?

  • 3-D observation of overall oral/facial bony characteristics, allowing easier diagnosis and placement of implants.
  • Surgical guide fabrication for implant placement. It will allow for ultra-precise implant placement.
  • 3-D observation of teeth for endodontic diagnosis and treatment
  • Diagnosis and treatment of tooth impactions.
  • Identification of inferior alveolar nerve, mental foramen, maxillary sinus locations and presence of odontogenic lesions.
  • Trauma evaluation and treatment.
  • Analysis of temporomandibular joint characteristics leading to diagnosis and treatment.
  • Integration with CAD/CAM devices for fabrication of prosthodontics or orthodontic appliances.
  • Identification for referral of numerous conditions or diseases not normally within the realm of dentistry, but that can be shown on typical cone beam images such as carotid artery blockages or hard/soft tissue masses in the head and neck region.

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